Watering Orchids

Orchid is one of the most favorite flowers in the world whether for its wonderful beauty as well as that it’s available in many types. Growing orchids is not a simple activity but not hard as well. This flower just needs the right condition to grow and blossom well. One of the most important points to be concerned when planting this flower is watering orchids. Each species of orchids needs different way of watering. That is why all people should know it well before starting orchids planting. Understanding the orchid types is a great idea so that the maintenance will be done more perfectly.

Originally, orchids are the flowers that can be found many in tropical countries with high amounts of rainfall throughout the year. Besides, high temperature is also something found in the original habitants. That is why most orchid types need 80% of humidity to make it grow well. It means that you should prepare a room with that 80% of humidity so that the orchid growing can be done well and successfully. You should find the best ideas to prepare the needs completely.

Alternatively, to prepare such humidity need; you can start growing orchids in water in order to constantly give water for the orchids. To make the media for sufficient humid planting, you just need a bowl and some pebbles that are poured inside the bowl. Give some water into the bowl and pebbles but not too much, and then you can place the orchid pot onto the bowl. Make sure that the water can’t touch the orchid pot to prevent the root from being rotten. This technique will ease you to keep the humidity for your orchid flowers.

Many people fail in growing orchids because of their false techniques of watering. Orchids need much humidity but it is not true that it also needs much water. This is the most common mistake made by them who plant orchids; always give some water when the soil goes dry. Actually, the bark of the pot can hold moisture well so that you only need to water the orchids once a week or once in every two weeks. In the original habitant, some orchid types are growing vine to the branches of trees. The orchid roots usually get dry before some water poured onto them.

Furthermore, the orchid nurseries should also be completed by giving some fertilizer as well. The fertilizer can be gotten easily in some gardening shops in your surrounding neighborhood. You should learn more about how you should do the best watering and fertilizing period to make the orchids grow well and beautifully.

Therefore, the main point of how to grow the orchids well is just by doing the maintenance well. You should strictly concern about the potting, the watering techniques, and the arrangement of the sunlight, and including the time of fertilizing. You should learn much about how to grow orchids well so that the flowers can blossom perfectly to be beautiful flowers decorating your home.