Orchids care

More and more people are caring for orchids nowadays. Some are doing this as a hobby but there are always more growers whose job is Caring for Orchids!

Orchids are not only beautiful but also fine, delicate flowers. As there are many thousands of orchid species, it is most important to know what species group our orchid plants belong to in order to know the best way we should care for them.

Caring for orchids is a very gratifying activity. There are, nonetheless, some general guidelines that can help us to keep our orchid plants properly and in good health.

Generally speaking, Orchids love warmth and sunlight, although there are some exceptions to the rule. So if you are not sure about which orchid species you have, it is better to place your orchid in the shade, avoiding the direct rays of the sun.

Orchids like to live in a moist environment but they do not usually need to be watered every day. Once or twice a week should be enough.

Orchids are not terrestrial but aerial plants. Therefore, the roots need to be where they can have access to flowing air in order to breathe.

To fertilize your orchid plants, use a weak of diluted solution before the blooming season.

As stated before, the correct orchid plant care depends mostly on the orchid species we are going to grow. So it is advisable to get used to the different names of each species like, for example, cymbidiums, miltonias, dendrobiums, zygopetalum, phalaenopsis, cattleya and other nost specific species like maxillaria tenuifolia, dendrobium speciosum, cattleya mossiae, doritis pulcherrima, cattleya dowiana or oncidium sharry baby.

Growing Orchids Indoors

Orchids, like most kind of plants and flowers, have their natural environment outdoors. They thrive in tropical lands where they enjoy warmth, a good deal of rainwater and humidity, and also a good deal of daylight.

However, growing orchids indoors is possible and not very difficult if we follow some basic guidelines Orchids should have around 12 hours of light everyday.

If you want to grow your orchid indoors, you can expose your orchid to natural sunlight by placing it at an eastern looking window (the light there is the best for your orchid since it does not receive the hard sunlight in the afternoon). Or else, you can use fluorescent lights to give your orchids a soft light source. Setting your artificial light source to an approximately one foot distance from the plant is a good idea to help you grow your orchids indoors.

At any rate, caring for orchids is always a rewarding activity because treating them as the living thing they are, they use to feel our fondness for them and they repay us with healthy and most beautiful bloomings. I hope that these few tips can help you in your efforts for caring for orchids.