Most Popular Orchids

Orchids are renowned to a lot of people and there are so many variants of it according to the color and fragrance. Actually, orchids are divided into two types, first are terrestrial orchids which grow on the ground and second are epiphytes orchids which are able to grow on trees, rocks and poles.

Terrestrial orchids are more popular than the other orchids because it has roots growing under the soil and it appears similar to other plants. We can find that few terrestrial orchids are semi-terrestrial, meaning that those semi-terrestrials can sprout in the aerial roots and underground.

One example of terrestrial orchids is Cymbidium orchids. It has at least forty or maybe thousands of hybrids. It seemingly becomes one example of orchids which have already been cultivated.

Generally, people love this and cultivate it because this type of orchids has the ability to grow both underground and on trees or rocks. If we plant it in the loose humus or decayed leaves, those orchids can sprout well. They come from Southeast Asia such as Japan but we can also find it in Australia.

For people who want to try planting orchids, they’ve made the ultimately right decision since it’s easy to plant. To expect the best result where it grows beautifully every year, all we need to do is nurturing them righteously and carefully.

The second orchid type is epiphyte. This is more special than the previous one because the roots grow above ground. Most people are familiar with Dendrobiums. It is one example of epiphytes orchid. What makes epiphyte more special? Apparently, this orchid type seeks for more care from the owner and it doesn’t flower easily.

This type of orchids has more than a thousand variants, where we can locate them scattering around the tropical areas such as Northern India, South East Asia, Australia, and Polynesia. Dendrobiums sprout in warm places and under humid conditions.

Another famous type of epiphytes is Phalaenopsis, which is quite distinctive from the others because it grows easily and the flower lasts for a long time. It is commonly used in weddings because of the variety of colors, such as pink, yellow, and even stripes.

For your information, epiphytic orchids can grow like trees. Even though it grows upon trees, but it doesn’t obtain food from that tree. They usually produce their own food from the fleshy roots in the branches or in the bark of trees. The organic from the roots and branches can be used as the nutrients for the plant if they are in wet or dry condition.

Besides that, water can be absorbed by the toughness of the plant. When the rain comes, the leaves will turn into green. The roots of these orchid types will retain to keep it moisturized and distribute it to the other parts of the plant. We can find some epiphytic types of orchid clinging onto the rocks. Wanting to get the light, they will make themselves airy to acquire the air and later give it to all parts of its plant.