Growing Orchids Rightly

Many people think that orchids are flowers that are difficult to be planted and maintained, and need high amounts of budgets to grow. However, such statement is just owned by them who don’t know much about this beautiful flower. Orchids are available in 25,000 species and up to 100,000 orchid hybrids. The amount will ease everyone to choose and find the most suitable one to be planted.

Mostly, orchids are flowers that don’t need much maintenance like many other flowers both for indoor and outdoor gardening. Orchids are also very special flowers that can bloom to be outstanding. That is why orchid is loved by many people as decorative flowers indoor and also to be ground orchids. If you plan to plant orchids, you should understand well about the needs of the flowers. When you have plan and maintain it well, you will be able to grow orchids like you often see in the florists. Just choose a variety that is easy to be maintained such as phalaenopsis orchids, the orchids that are available in white and purple and the most common type found in florist. You can have orchids as magnificent as you can find from store.

The growing process of orchid’s plant is quite fast, you just need three months to wait for the flowers to bloom if you maintain them well. In indoor gardening, you should place the orchids near the window in order to get sufficient sunlight. The best sunlight for the orchids is in the morning and afternoon. Placing the orchid pot in the eastern of your house is the best idea to get such sufficient sunlight. Alternatively, you can also use orchid light lamp to give the light in sufficient sum. However, some natural sunlight is also necessary.

The best temperature you need in growing orchids is more than 55o F but it shouldn’t be more than 80o F. When you forget to replace your orchids from a place in temperature up to 90o F, you will see that the bud will start losing and no more flowers will bloom. Contrary, you also should keep the amount when watering the orchids, because too much water will make the root rotten. When you are growing ground orchids, the watering should be done once in every 10 weeks or just grow orchids in water to get the constant watering.

If you want to see the orchids blooming many times, you should give some fertilizers on the plants before the flowers are blooming. However, when you have seen the flowers blooming, you don’t need to give more fertilizers on it. Furthermore, if you want to see the orchids blooming in many more times, you should do the orchid pruning gently in order not to damage the plant. If you always prune the blooming flowers carefully, you will see the next blooming as well. Orchids are the flowers that can be planted easily when you do it rightly and gently; then the orchids will always bloom in time.